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A2Z Media Folding & Automatic Spacer Insertion Machine

A2Z Media Folding And Automatic Spacer Insertion Machine

This machine comprises of two stages, one being for actual media folding to the desired pleat depth and profile having square edges to the depth of the spacer design. The other equipment is for producing the spacers and thereafter automatically placing them between the folded media.
Models : Range from 300mm to 800mm.
Pleat Depth Range from 75mm to 300mm.
Salient Features:-
Motorised paper roll mounting stand
Automatic change of pleat depth
Pleat counter & pleated pack counter
Automatic online separator insertion in the pack
Aluminum-extruded section base frame
Online cutting of separator as per length required
Quick change rollers for different applications
Designed to indent and fold the soft media like HEPA filter paper
System is servo driven & PLC controlled
Pleat depth can be programmed through PLC
Pleat height can be changed through PLC
Indent width adjustable according to foil separator corrugation height
Manufactured using internationally recognized, serviceable and replaceable parts for trouble free maintenance
Distinctive & Durable finish
Designed on state-of-the-art design software allowing tailor made solutions for optimal performance
Experienced installation teams and specialized training available
Machines are supplied with pictorial user friendly manual

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