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A2Z heavy duty perforators

A2Z Heavy Duty Perforators

Models: Range from 42 mm - 1250 mm
Sheets Thickness : 0.3mm to 1.5mm.
A2Z perforation Presses are offered for both Heavy Duty and Light Duty applications.
Perforation Press has been designed to perforation of Paper Board, wrapper sheets or sheet metals.
Perforated sheets are generally used as outer wrapper filter cartridge, outer and inner tube for filter cartridge.
Salient Features:-
Perforations dies are engineered to suit materials in reels or coils and in any desired pattern.
Pneumatic clutch
Centralized lubrication system
Available with
1. A2Z Straightener
  A2Z Straightener has been designed to straighten the expanded & flattened material.
2. A2Z Motorised Decoiler
  A2Z Motorised Decoiler has been designed to Decoil the material
3. A2Z Shearing Machine
  A2Z Shearing machine is used for "Cut to length" application
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