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A2Z Test Contaminants

About Powder Technology Inc
A2Z Filtration Specialities Pvt. Ltd represent M/s. Powder Technology Inc Incorporated (PTI) in India for Test Contaminants.

Powder Technology Inc is a materials processing company with expertise in the total spectrum of particle modification and specialization in, size reduction, air classification, screening and blending. PTI have several years experience in dry powder processing and analysis.

Since the company founding in 1980, PTI has focused on meeting and exceeding customer needs and expectations through expanding expertise and broadened capabilities in materials modification and treatment. This focus has produced incremental growth and positioning as an industry leader. In addition to the Minnesota processing plant, which specializes in the processing and analysis of dry materials, PTI has ownership interest in one other custom processor which enhances PTI's processing capacity in particulate materials processing using spray drying, prilling, grinding, coating and micro-encapsulation technologies.

Engineering expertise, excellence in the development and implementation of confidential proprietary procedures and thorough analytical investigation and evaluation at every stage of materials processing, provide key differentiation from competitors and value added services to PTI customers.

PTI products being offered by A2Z are as follows:-
  • A1 Ultrafine Test Dust (500 gms /Jar)
  • A2 Fine Test Dust (3.5 Kg/ Jar)
  • A3 Medium Test Dust (3.5 Kg/ Jar)
  • A4 Coarse Test Dust (4.5 Kg/ Jar)
  • Arizona Test Dust Fractions 500 gms/ Jar)
  • ARAMCO Test Dust (3.0 Kg/ Jar)
  • Second Cut Cotton Linters (20 gms/ 500 gms Bag/ 5Kg Drum)
  • Iron Oxide Fractions (500 gms / Jar)
  • Iron, Steel and Aluminum Chips (Variable)
  • SOFTC-2A Liquid Oil Filter Test Contaminant (1 Gallon Can)
  • Graded Crushed Quartz Fractions (500 gms)
  • MIL E- 5007C Spec Crushed Quartz. Also complies with MIL E- 8593A and MIL E-5007D specifications (5.4 Kg/ Jar)
  • Silica Sand and Silica Dust MIL-STD-810E -4.5Kg/ Jar (Sand) 3.5 Kg / Jar (Dust)
  • Blowing Sand and Blowing Dust per MIL-STD-810F- 4.5 Kg/ Jar (Sand) 3.5 Kg/ Jar ( Dust)
  • Quartz, Gypsum, Calcite, Sodium Chloride Blend (4.5 Kg/ Jar)
  • Crushed Quartz formulated to ECE R16, Section Dust Specification, Chinese Specification GB 14166, Section Dust (3.5 Kg/ Jar)
  • SAE J726 Arizona Test Dust Contaminants Fine & Coarse Grades
    3.5 Kg/ Jar ( Fine)
    4.5 Kg/ Jar ( Coarse)
    4.0 Kg/ Jar ( Fine & Coarse)
  • ASHRAE1 TEST DUST with carbon (1.5 Kg/ Jar)
  • ASHRAE2 TEST DUST without carbon (1.5 Kg/ Jar)
  • Oil Filtration Test Contaminant (Variable)

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